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Phony Doctor Indicted for Rape, And Sex Abuse of Unconscious Patients

SHEEPSHEAD BAY – A fake doctor lied, drugged and raped his unconscious female patients, according to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who recently brought charges against the Sheepshead Bay “doctor,” resulting in a grand jury indictment on Tuesday.

Michail Sorodsky, 60, owned and operated the Holistic Skin and Spa Clinic, located at 2701 Ocean Ave., in Sheepshead Bay. He was arrested and charged with numerous felonies and misdemeanors, including rape in the first degree, unlicensed practice of medicine, scheme to defraud, and numerous counts of aggravated sexual abuse, sexual abuse and forcible touching. Sorodsky was arraigned in Kings County Criminal Court on Nov. 30, and his bond was set at $3 million.

“This man lied to people who were sick and in need, and then administered so-called treatments when he had no training,” Cuomo said. “Even more heinous, he raped and sexually abused female patients when they were unconscious. My office will do everything in our power to bring justice to the victims of these terrible crimes.”

Numerous patients were subjected to numerous acts of sexual abuse, according to the Attorney General’s Office. In addition to these allegations, Sorodsky is specifically charged with raping a patient whom he rendered unconscious in the summer of 2006.

Sorodsky told the female patient to drink a liquid that caused her to lose consciousness, and the patient awoke to Sorodsky naked and lying on top of her, according to Cuomo’s office. The patient later discovered evidence that caused her to believe that she had been raped.

Sorodsky, of 1625 Emmons Ave., preyed on Russian-speaking residents of New York City for several years, according to the Attorney General’s Office. He advertised in Russian-language newspapers to solicit patients and portrayed himself as a medical doctor who administered special medications.

Sorodsky claimed that he guaranteed the effectiveness of his treatments and that he could completely cure many ailments, including cancer. The Attorney General’s investigation found that some of Sorodsky’s cancer patients died prematurely, since they believed in Sorodsky’s ability to cure them. According to his Web site, “Sorodsky, an outstanding scientists [sic], received his education, professional and academic experience primarily in the former Soviet Union … and graduated with a Ph.D. degree in medical science.” He then studied Eastern medicine in Tibet before emigrating to the United States in 1993, settling in Brooklyn and opening up his holistic health center, where the crimes are alleged to have occurred.

“You will experience a treatment that is quick, painless and one that goes directly to your cells,” he claims on his Web site.

Sorodsky also operated another Holistic Skin & Spa in Upstate New York. The Bed & Breakfast Sanatorium in Walton is “smack in the middle of Mother Nature’s playground,” and has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts and football fields for patients to use, according to the Web site. “Where Mother Nature Cures,” is its motto.

According to the Attorney General’s investigation, since at least 2005, Sorodsky performed physical examinations, took patients’ blood, administered what he claimed were medications and committed acts of sexual abuse on his female patients. In addition, Sorodsky allegedly bilked patients out of thousands of dollars for these ineffective and possibly harmful “treatments.”

“Residents of Brooklyn need to know about these charges of despicable acts and should contact my office if they have received treatment at this clinic,” said Cuomo.

Phone calls made to Sorodsky’s Brooklyn health center were answered by a recording that indicated he was a doctor and that the caller had reached his medical office. In cases of emergency, instructions were given to call his cell phone. Both voice mailboxes were full.

In light of the allegations in this case, those who received treatment at Sorodsky’s clinic might wish to consult a licensed physician. The Office of the Attorney General has set up a hotline regarding this case. Both English-speaking and Russian-speaking investigators will be available to callers at (212) 587-4100.