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Vladimir Kuznetsov

Vladimir Kuznetsov (1957) was a Russian diplomat who was the head of the United Nations Committee for Administrative and Budgetary Issues.He also served as a diplomat for the Russian Mission. In March 2007, he was convicted in New York City of one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. In October of the same year, he was sentenced to imprisonment for 51 months and a fine of $73,000.

Kuznetsov was indicted in September 2005 following a guilty plea and immediate cooperation by the former UN official Alexander Yakovlev, who is facing 20 years in jail on a conspiracy to commit money laundering charge and has not been sentenced. Yakovlev's lawyer, Arkady Bukh, has stated that he expects Mr. Yakovlev's sentence to be significantly reduced in exchange for Yakovlev's testimony at trial.


Kuznetsov was elected to a three-year term on the budget advisory committee in January 2003. The prestigious panel’s 15 members, including a representative of the United States, then elected him as its chairman. He has worked in various budget-related positions in the U.N. Secretariat and the Russian Mission since 1980.

The chairman is the only member of the ACABQ to draw a U.N. salary and benefits, and also gets diplomatic immunity. Committee members are not UN employees and do not normally enjoy diplomatic immunity. But the General Assembly granted him immunity because of his chairmanship. This diplomatic immunity was waived however, in August, by the UN.

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Sergei Kobozev

Sergei Kobozev (1964-1995) was a Russian boxer who defeated John Ruiz and was later murdered by Russian mafia during a pub brawl.

Early life:
Kobozev had been a captain in the Russian army and was a chemical engineer in St. Petersburg before he made his name as a cruiserweight on the Soviet national boxing team.

Professional career:
Kobozev's ring record was 22 wins and 1 loss in 23 professional outings.

Kobozev disappeared in November 1995, just 2 weeks after losing a close split decision for the WBC Cruiserweight title, his very first career loss.

The mystery surrounding his death was solved when his bones were found by the FBI in March of 1999 in the backyard of the Russian Mafia's: Alexander Spitchenko in Livingston, New Jersey, USA where his body was buried in a shallow grave.

Kobozev was allegedly murdered by two reputed Russian mobsters, Alexander Nosov and Vasiliy Ermichine. Natan Gozman, a third defendant charged in the murder, remained a fugitive until February 2005, when he was arrested in Poland and extradicted to New York, where he awaits trial.

Prosecutors said that the mob allegedly turned against Kobozev because he worked as a part-time security guard at a Brooklyn restaurant from which Nosov was ejected after a fight with a musician. Several days after the fight, the defendants and a third member of the gang unexpectedly encountered Kobozev at a car repair shop, where they confronted him about the fight before Nosov shot him, authorities said. Still alive, Kobozev was put in a jeep and driven to the Livingston, N.J., home of a high-ranking member of the crime group, where his neck was broken by Ermichine after Kobozev asked to be taken to a hospital, prosecutors said.