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Hacking into Dave and Buster’s computerized cash register

Federal prosecutors said Friday that Aleksandr Suvorov, 26, of Estonia, used that Internet name in some of his illegal hacking escapades, as he was arraigned on fraud charges in U.S. District Court in Central Islip.

Suvorov was accused of being one of the three hackers who broke into the computerized cash-register records at the Dave & Buster’s in Islandia in 2007 and stole the credit card records of 5,000 customers. The resulting use of the information for fraud cost the financial institutions that issued the cards $600,000, prosecutors have said.

But Suvorov’s attorney, Arkady Bukh of Brooklyn, said his client was not guilty of the charges - and that many people had used the name “JonnyHell” on the Internet, but his client was not one of them. Assistant U.S. Attorney William Campos declined to comment outside court.


Suvorov had been arrested in Germany in March at the request of U.S. prosecutors, but was only recently extradited to the United States.One of Suvorov’s co-defendants in the case, Maksym Yastremskiy, a Ukrainian national, was arrested by Turkish police and was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison in that country on unrelated computer hacking crimes, according to officials. U.S. officials said that when Yastremskiy was arrested, Turkish police found “millions of stolen credit card numbers” on his laptop computer, and that he is “one of the biggest resellers of stolen credit card data targeted” by the U.S. Secret Service.The third defendant, Albert Gonzales of Florida, has been held without bail while awaiting trial, officials said.The indictment charged that the three used a packet sniffer - a piece of eavesdropping software - that captured the credit-card information as it moved between the restaurant and the company’s corporate headquarters in Dallas. The information was then sold over an underground bulletin board to others, officials said.Suvorov was ordered held without bail by U.S. District Judge Sandra Feuerstein.